Encouraging career progression and growth opportunities for your employees has numerous benefits, including retention. A significant 87% of employees consider career advancement and growth opportunities a decisive factor in their decision to stay in their current company or to leave, according to a 2016 survey. Amongst other advantages, career support can increase employee satisfaction, give them a sense of purpose and boost engagement and productivity in the workplace.

This will ultimately have an impact in the company’s success, and statistics speak for themselves: a Dale Carnegie survey reported that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%…

A high-value and rapidly changing industry, FinTech lives at the cutting edge of innovation.

These days, all FinTech companies are on the lookout for DevOps Engineers who can automate their powerful infrastructure, speed up release cycles, and improve site reliability.

The DevOps Engineer career path is one of the most personally satisfying among the various career branches of Tech. But what does it truly take to be a DevOps Engineer in FinTech? What do DevOps Engineers do? What should they know? And what are the skills and experiences needed to be a great DevOps Engineer within FinTech?

What Does A DevOps Engineer Do?

It’s often difficult…

The FinTech revolution has brought along outstanding developments in the financial sector, but technology advancements also come with an unavoidable challenge: an increase in data breaches, cyber hacks and fraudulent activities in general. There is now a bigger need for companies to improve regulation and compliance systems- that’s where RegTech comes in.

What is RegTech?

Also known as Regulatory Technology, RegTech is cloud-computing technology used to help companies comply with regulations. Through big data and machine-learning technology, RegTech companies are able to monitor transactions and to analyse and identify irregularities, such as fraudulent activities. …

In the modern world, it’s common for both parents to work.

With many employees now having to juggle professional and parental commitments, the workplace culture is shifting. More flexible and innovative ways of working are becoming necessary, and the FinTech sector is no exception to these developments.

98% of working parents say that they have experienced burnout. 63% of parents who are managers say they are worried about the impact their working hours will have on their relationships with their children. (1)

If these trends are ones you are aware of in your business, the following tips should help you…

DevOps is a term that often appears when thinking about effective software engineering practices, especially in the FinTech space. As with most buzzwords, DevOps is known to be important and needed, but not necessarily understood as to why. We’ve simplified that for you — here’s how DevOps can help your business.

Not only is ‘DevOps’ a buzzword, but there are plenty of buzzwords within DevOps as well. Configuration Management is one that seems complicated on the surface but is easily explained in reality. …

As a 360 degree Recruitment Consultant, you will inevitably favour some elements of your responsibilities over others, as is the case for any job. Maybe for you it’s the thrill that comes with headhunting candidates who are just right for a role and clicking “Send” on that initial shortlist…or it could be the satisfaction which comes when you realise that a new client looks to you as a confidant; a trusted advisor with useful insight into just how their competitors are approaching similar business decisions.

If the latter sounds familiar and you are wondering just what the next step on…

If you fell into the recruitment industry after University, attracted by what it could offer in the short and medium term, you may now be considering your options a few years in.

The widely discussed steps after being a successful consultant include managing a sales team, working your way up to Director level or even focusing your efforts on the client facing aspect of your role, in becoming a Commercial/BD Manager.

However, one option which is often under-discussed, but equally as vital in building a successful recruitment company, is a role in Learning and Development.

So, here is 4 reasons…

Storm2 is a specialist FinTech recruitment agency and have just launched their second office in the Central Business District in Singapore. We spoke with Candy Choong, VP of Asia Pacific, and in charge of launching our new office, and asked why Singapore is the best location to service the APAC FinTech market right now.

What’s been the impact of Covid-19 on the Singapore jobs market?

2020 was a challenging year on the local jobs market as we saw companies laying off their workforce mostly due to insufficient funding or lack of revenue. The job market is however recovering steadily as local FinTech investments rebounded in the second quarter of 2020 from…

We regularly work with FinTechs that have gone through a recent funding round and looking to expand their team. That often means they are looking to hire a CTO to run their backend strategy or bring in a CFO to take their finance function in house.

Conducting a C Suite interview has a different dynamic to standard mid-level management interview as you may be interviewing for someone more senior than you and who will be a major decision maker in the business one day, as such it’s critical to get these interviews right so you know if they will be…

Last week we sat down with Vics Maloney, previously Global Operations Director of SThree and NED for Storm2, to discuss what makes a high performing leader and how to nurture them in your FinTech team.

I’ve worked with, and trained, some incredible leaders over my career and I’ve found, no matter the industry, they all have four traits.


Most people think passion is enthusiasm, commitment or desire for something however, real passion goes beyond this. It’s about the sacrifices and what you are prepared to give up in sight of your goal or purpose.

People who really make a…


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