Over the years, technology has changed the way consumers pay for goods. A vast majority of people do not always prefer cash as the introduction of contactless payments has made the process easier and more convenient.

The latest emerging payment system is cryptocurrency; the most popular being Bitcoin, with other…

The US is currently dominating the FinTech scene, being home to a wide range of FinTech unicorns and start-ups. Investment into the US FinTech industry has seen a huge increase year on year, thus maintaining its lead as the FinTech hotspot. We have put together some key statistics that cover the number of FinTechs in the US, the top 5 Fintechs, the top 5 FinTech hubs, and the percentage of the market the US holds.

The role of a compliance director is key for any business that operates in regulated areas. The main responsibilities include ensuring that all areas of the business follow financial policy, reporting regulations, and the law, whilst implementing any changes accordingly.

This role is important within the FinTech industry as the…

Not too long ago, globalisation was only achievable by giant FinTechs. But thanks to technological advancements, the adoption of online marketing, greater access to capital, and the rise of direct-to-consumer business, more and more FinTech scale-ups have the opportunity to take their product or service international.

Gaining a deep understanding…


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