How To Become A FinTech Chief Commercial Officer

A Chief Commercial Officer is integral for the commercial development of a company, especially within the FinTech industry. Commercial relates to the generation of revenue so in a team context, covers a mix of services such as sales, customer success, marketing, and PR. This means, that there are several skills that are essential to becoming a successful CCO. We have put together a list of the necessary skills, tips on how to progress to a CCO position, and the salary you could expect as a CCO.

What is a Chief Commercial Officer?

The importance of a CCO

The average salary for a CCO

How to become a CCO

Common requirements for a FinTech CCO position include a bachelor’s degree, a background in sales or marketing, previous experience in the tech industry, 7+ years of experience honing your skills and managing a team, and a positive track record of building business partnerships.

The key skills you need as a CCO

Flexible and Adaptable Management Style

They will also be heavily involved in the motivation, drive, and development of new commercial and sales talent within the organisation. An adaptable CCO can adjust communication and working styles to fit employee needs, thus impacting success.

Vision and Strategic Planning

In most cases, they collaborate with the product team on product launches. Having an in-depth strategy in place will help the business to effectively communicate its product to consumers.

Customer and User Experience

Sales and Marketing Knowledge

Do you fit the requirements of a Chief Commercial Officer role and want to find where you can find one? Get in touch. Our team of specialist consultants can advise you on the process and find the perfect company for you.

Originally published at on July 6, 2021.

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