Why Singapore is the emerging powerhouse of FinTech

Storm2 is a specialist FinTech recruitment agency and have just launched their second office in the Central Business District in Singapore. We spoke with Candy Choong, VP of Asia Pacific, and in charge of launching our new office, and asked why Singapore is the best location to service the APAC FinTech market right now.

What’s been the impact of Covid-19 on the Singapore jobs market?

Are companies actively hiring?

What are some of the job titles and talent that you’re looking for in Singapore at the moment?

singapore skyline
singapore skyline

Do you think these FinTechs are going to expand into APAC overall? What are your thoughts around the different regions?

What do you see are the growth areas for 2021?

What is the future of FinTech looking like in Singapore (and the wider APAC region)?

Why did Storm2 choose Singapore to launch their second office?

Due to its high international profile, Singapore is the obvious choice for Western companies looking to establish their presence in Asia. This along with the attractive tax system and lifestyle draws top talent to Singapore.

Unlike other generalist recruitment companies, which take the “one size fits all” approach, treating hiring for technology as a whole, Storm2 exclusively focuses on identifying talent required to build and operate successful FinTech company in this expanding market.

What are your plans for Storm2 in Singapore?

If you are looking to hire FinTech talent and are based in the APAC region, get in touch.

Originally published at https://storm2.com on January 22, 2021.

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