Why DevOps is essential in FinTech

What Is DevOps?

What Are The Benefits Of DevOps?

  • Continuous development — Planning and coding
  • Continuous integration — integrating the new code into the existing code through building and testing
  • Continuous deployment — releasing and deploying the update to the systems
  • Continuous monitoring — operating and monitoring through managing servers, scaling, security and backups

What Is Configuration Management And Why Is It Essential?

What Are The Tools? And Which Ones Are Most Popular?

  • Requires learning Ruby (programming language) and its own specific programming language
  • Good performance and great support as it has been around the longest
  • Available on the cloud
  • Requires learning ruby
  • High speed performance
  • Available on the cloud
  • Easy to learn and become an expert as the language is YAML which is simpler than Ruby
  • Performance speed is lower than chef and puppet
  • Not available on the cloud
  • Easy to use with multiple languages available once set up
  • Harder to set up as the user interface is less intuitive
  • High performance speed and very scalable
  • Not available on the cloud




Connecting FinTech Talent

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Connecting FinTech Talent

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