Why DevOps is essential in FinTech

What Is DevOps?

DevOps brings together application Development and Operations.

What Are The Benefits Of DevOps?

DevOps allows a business to be agile, because new developments and changes can be brought to production quickly and managed effectively. ‘Agile’, yet another buzzword, simply means a business can be responsive to consumer demands and changing market conditions — which is paramount in FinTech as competitors are constantly competing to stay ahead.

  • Continuous development — Planning and coding
  • Continuous integration — integrating the new code into the existing code through building and testing
  • Continuous deployment — releasing and deploying the update to the systems
  • Continuous monitoring — operating and monitoring through managing servers, scaling, security and backups

What Is Configuration Management And Why Is It Essential?

In short, a configuration management system (CMS) ensures that all software and hardware assets within a company are constantly known and tracked acting as a single source of truth for their configuration. This involves utilising an up-to-date and easily accessible inventory for these assets, known as a Version Control System (VCS), throughout their lifecycle. Using a CMS and VCS allows for easy roll back of development in case of problems and means that systems and software can be fully reproduced and maintained, often through an automated process. Once again this comes back to a business being agile — being able to make changes and develop constantly without any problems, saving time and money.

What Are The Tools? And Which Ones Are Most Popular?

As with many things in the Tech world, there isn’t an undisputed solution for conducting effective configuration management, and these solutions are constantly changing. However, there are distinct differences between tools and techniques that might be better suited to certain situations.

  • Requires learning Ruby (programming language) and its own specific programming language
  • Good performance and great support as it has been around the longest
  • Available on the cloud
  • Requires learning ruby
  • High speed performance
  • Available on the cloud
  • Easy to learn and become an expert as the language is YAML which is simpler than Ruby
  • Performance speed is lower than chef and puppet
  • Not available on the cloud
  • Easy to use with multiple languages available once set up
  • Harder to set up as the user interface is less intuitive
  • High performance speed and very scalable
  • Not available on the cloud



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