The Skills You Need To Succeed As A DevOps Engineer In Singapore

DevOps engineers in Singapore are in higher demand than ever before, with FinTech organisations ramping up on their agile development efforts to keep ahead of the competition. DevOps engineering is more than just a technology solution, it’s a critical and multifaceted skillset paramount to the success of all leading-edge FinTechs. Below, we’ll cover the key skills needed to succeed as a DevOps engineer in Singapore.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps engineers are essential in FinTech, but the barrier to its adoption lies in the appetite of FinTech organisations to harness this practice to become more competitive, says Adrian Smolski, Manager for Customer Experience and Solutions Architecture at GitLab Asia-Pacific and Japan:

“It requires a broader change and, from our interactions with customers in the region, we have seen more progress, large organisations embarking on long journeys to tailor and build DevOps practices to meet specific development needs.”

The Rising Demand For DevOps Engineers In Singapore

“Singapore is in relatively short supply of DevOps engineers, so salaries are going up.” Adam Davies, Lead IT Recruiter, iKas International

Recently, many of Singapore’s largest banks have started prioritising hiring DevOps engineers, such as UOB and DBS, who recently placed a heavy focus on DevOps engineers when running their annual recruitment hackathon. With this rising demand, banks are beginning to offer salary rises of up to 50% to poach the top-performing DevOps engineers, according to a Singapore technology salary table.

The Skills You Need To Succeed As A DevOps Engineer

Strong Understanding Of The DevOps Tool Chain

  • Version control
  • Configuration management
  • Continuous integration servers
  • Deployment automation
  • Infrastructure orchestration
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Testing and cloud quality tools
  • Network protocols

It’s the DevOps engineers responsibility to make sure everything works well together during both pre and post-production stages. With every tool serving a valuable purpose in the pipeline, knowing how and when each of them contributes, as well as what dependencies you need to consider, is paramount to a faultless delivery chain.

Programming And Scripting Languages

Automation Skills

Communication And Collaboration Skills


Soft Skills

For more on FinTech in Singapore, take a look at our article: why Singapore is an emerging FinTech powerhouse. If you’re a FinTech looking to scale and grow, get in touch with our team of consultants based in the Central Business District.

Originally published at on June 9, 2021.

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