Silicon Worldwide: The FinTech Hubs To Launch Your Next Office

4 min readJun 23, 2021

The FinTech ecosystem is ever-growing, and whilst cities such as San Francisco, London, and New York still hold the top spots. It is amazing to see the new FinTech hubs that are emerging. More and more smaller cities are upping their game when it comes to available talent, healthy competition, enabling regulations, and financial stability in the FinTech realm.

This list will cover the leading FinTech hotspots as well as the rising stars, to help you decide where to launch your next office.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been the destination of choice for a variety of top technology businesses, with one-third of all FinTech unicorns being based there. This makes it a perfect place for budding start-ups to set up shop, feed off the atmosphere, and develop innovative solutions. From blockchain to InsurTech the Fintech start-ups in Silicon Valley are covering all bases.

Number of FinTechs: 318


London is the world’s oldest financial centre and has become the main hub in the UK for FinTech start-ups and emerging companies. It is known to be a source for investment opportunities and offers an incredibly diverse talent pool. Home to Monzo, Revolut, and Starling Bank, this city is buzzing with innovative tech spirit.

Number of FinTechs: 2,347

New York

Known as the world’s financial capital, New York is said to be the hub for cryptocurrency innovation, B2B FinTechs, wealth management, and insurance technologies. Similar to London, start-ups have access to the world’s leading banks, insurance companies, and hedge funds to help get their businesses off the ground. That mixed with the array of highly skilled talent, New York is the perfect place for your next office.

Number of FinTechs: 1,028


Singapore has moved to the forefront of the FinTech space in the last couple of years, with a focus on InsurTech, payments, and lending. The city provides global trade services and hosts several industry associations which have aided its rapid growth. It is also known for its accelerators and incubators to help start-ups scale.

Number of FinTechs: 674

Los Angeles

In recent years, L.A has seen growth in start-up activity and venture capital investments. The cities rich and vibrant culture has birthed an incredible FinTech hub riddled with innovation. Unlike its competitors Silicon Valley and New York, L.A offers increasingly better incentives in terms of cost. Companies such as Aspiration, Tala, and Honey have cemented their place in the L.A scene.

Number of FinTechs: 422

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is leading the way in the digital banking, payments, WealthTech, AI, and cryptocurrency sectors. Its diverse and resilient landscape has produced many FinTech start-ups looking to rapidly scale. Hong Kong is home to 8 unicorn companies, and with the digital adoption from consumers combined with the innovation of businesses, we are sure to see that number increase.

Number of FinTechs: 600

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo emerged into the FinTech scene with a focus on lending, SME finance, mobile banking, and payments. This hub is headquarters to Nubank, the biggest FinTech in Latin America, and hosts several accelerator and incubator programs for start-ups looking to scale. Keeping the support and guidance of start-ups at its core, it definitely deserves its place on the list.

Number of FinTechs: 330


Berlin is recognised as Europe’s second-largest FinTech hub as it is the breeding ground for fast-growing FinTechs, InsurTechs, and Start-ups. Home to digital bank, N26, and many other scaling companies, Berlin hosts the most financial service innovators in Germany. The city makes sure to nurture this pioneering spirit with its range of incubators and accelerators and is the main hotspot for the German blockchain scene.

Number of FinTechs: 321


Amsterdam is known for its financial innovation, housing the world’s first central bank and joint-stock company. Leaders in green finance, the city embraces sustainable practices and keeps on top of future-thinking trends to help guide the global finance world. The cities successful tech ecosystem, vibrant start-up scene, and entrepreneurial spirit make it the perfect home for FinTech businesses.

Number of FinTechs: 279


Dublin has seen incredible growth in the FinTech space, in recent years. The cities innovative organisations include payments, RegTech, lending, and financial management. Its regular start-up accelerator and incubator programmes, provide the city with a robust ecosystem for financial service technologies. This as well as the buzzing start-up spirit has moved the city up the food chain of global FinTech hubs.

Number of FinTechs: 270

As technological advancements continue to increase globally, it will be interesting to see which cities will make their mark in the FinTech world. Many countries will be able to adopt this new way of living, providing consumers and businesses with the tools they need to succeed, and eventually having a FinTech hub in most major cities worldwide.

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