How to encourage career progression in your startup

Set a career development plan

Talk to your employee to understand their own professional goals and their career plans within the company. Where do they expect to be in the next three years? What exactly do they want to accomplish? What do they want to specialise in? Having a clear idea of their own goals will allow you to provide the right support throughout their journey.

Offer career development support

Once a career development plan is defined, it’s about understanding how you can support your employee to reach their goals. Research shows that 40% of employees that don’t receive the necessary training to become effective in their position or to reach a higher position, will leave the company within the first year of employment. So, it is crucial to make sure that you provide external or in-house training, online courses, additional resources and assistance that will help employees boost certain skills needed in a senior position or help them perform better in their current roles.



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